Carmen Quijano Decanini

Mergers and Acquisitions, Antitrust, Real Estate, Corporate and Arbitration, Data Protection.


Clara Luz Álvarez González de Castilla Telecommunications and Information Technologies, E-Commerce, Administrative Litigation, Radio and Television.

Rebeca Servin Lewis

Corporate, Telecommunications and Information Technologies.


Marina Campllonch Pollo

Corporate Law, International Finance, Industrial and Intellectual Property, International Business Transactions, Immigration Law, International and Comparative Law, Data Protection.

Ana Georgina Alba Betancourt Intellectual Property Rights, International Commercial Law, Mexican Corporate Law, Data Protection.
Ana Paula Núñez Heather Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate, Real Estate, Civil and Commercial Law, Insurance and Sofomes ENR Regulation, Data Protection.


Javier Quijano Baz (Off Counsel)

Commercial Litigation.

Rodrigo Ruanova

Civil and Commercial Litigation.

Eduardo Birman Ripstein

Intellectual Property.

Ricardo García Gayou Ch.


Pedro Reséndez Bocanegra


Global Energy & Infrastructure, Corporate & Securities.

Jorge Sales Boyoli  


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